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Great voiceover brings your characters to life, engages your players and drives your story forward.

As a theatre-trained actor, I’ve worked with some of the best in the acting business; Howard Fine, the NIDA Advanced Actors Ensemble, and graduated from Sydney Actors School.

In the character world, you can hear me voicing anything from Arthurian knights & neo-futuristic organ dealers, to house-sized crab monsters, in videogames Demon Turf, Warfront, Phoenix Point, Cloudpunk & King Arthur: Knight’s Tale.

"On point with the delivery of the lines, exactly as I imagined my character sounding. The piece of the puzzle I was sorely missing! Very easy to work with! If you don't hire Thomas for a project, you're missing out!"
Adam Sweet
Game designer / 924 Creative Works
"Tom did an incredible job voicing a character in a very emotional situation. He was also great to work with and the audio files he produced for us were premium quality."
Catherine Shepherd
Campaign Director / Obvious Choice